The Walkers

Two dog walkers (Stephen Mangan,Lisa Tarbuck) eye each other on the beach while walking their respective dogs. Love is in the air but is prevented by the dogs taking a dislike to each other. Can they find other ways to meet…

Tim Whitby Director  on working with Mike -

Working with Mike Smith was a pleasure and a success.  The two short films we made together were silent and the music was therefore an absolutely crucial part of the storytelling.

He has very strong ideas but is also a sensitive collaborator; which makes him an ideal screen composer.  His skill and versatility as a musician meant that we could very quickly try different things and experiment to picture in the edit. We worked together on assemblies as well as the final picture. It was fun. And it was on time.

The two films were very different tonally and Mike composed music with great energy and humour as well emotional power for both.

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Mike Smith

Mike Smith

Mike Smith